Overwatch fan creates ‘Alien Abduction’ D.Va skin concept

This out-of-this-world skin is amazing and udder-ly ridiculous.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The world of Overwatch and its characters have captivated millions in the years since the game launched. Fans have been inspired to make their own skins, whether they be lore-based, event-specific, or just plain fun. A fan made a concept that embodies the third category.

Reddit user and artist CornyLope shared their version of an Alien D.va skin, which they called “Alien Abduction.” This concept showcases the pilot with alien antennae and glasses resembling oval alien eyes. D.va’s trademark mech is also painted to look like a UFO. The paint job is where the fun begins, though: the legs and back of the mech are covered in a cow-print pattern, referencing the urban legends and tropes of cows being abducted by aliens.

Not only is there cow print on the mech, but the artist added udders underneath the robot, which completes the look. This art both amazed fans and made them laugh, a unique combination that fits many of the themes of Overwatch skins from past events like Junkfood Junkrat or Grillmaster: 76.

The artist has shared several other concepts, including a Hazmat Zarya and roach-themed Apocalypse Junkrat. While this concept will likely never make it into the game, it is a reminder of how much people still love the game and the world it created.