Overwatch D.Va bomb goes better than expected thanks to enemy Roadhog

Sometimes the enemy team just helps you out.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A D.Va player got a spectacular team kill with their ultimate. But it wasn’t because of them.

Reddit user A-Stupid-Monkeyyrt posted a clip of the moment to the Overwatch subreddit. At the beginning of the video, they were setting up for a D.Va bomb at the top of a ledge on Watchpoint Gibraltar. As the payload came through below them, they shot their ultimate down into the room. It’s hard to see what happens next because of the first-person perspective, but the bomb killed all six members of the opposing team.

The player then switched the video into third-person slow motion from the opposite angle. As they shot their D.Va bomb off the ledge, it landed near the payload. The enemy Reinhardt had their shield up and ready and would have prevented most of the damage if the enemy Roadhog didn’t grab the bomb with their hook at the very last second, pulling it behind Reinhardt’s shield and wiping the entire team.

As commenters pointed out, the Roadhog was likely hooking the bomb on instinct to try to pull it away from their team, but they got the angle very, very wrong. One of the best D.Va strategies is to launch her bomb from above or from an unseen angle to get the drop on the opposing team, giving them less time to run away or hide behind a Reinhardt shield. Roadhogs who are quick on the draw can hook the bomb and pull it away from the team, saving them from most of the damage. Unfortunately for this enemy team—and fortunately for A-Stupid-Monkeyyrt—it went quite the other way.