Overwatch Contenders playoffs to be held on an old patch

New Mercy won't be usable in the playoffs.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

You won’t see D.Va’s Micro Missiles or Mercy’s new kit in the Overwatch Contenders playoffs, which begin Oct. 7.

The tournament’s offline playoffs, held at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, will be played on Patch 1.14, Blizzard confirmed to Dot Esports. Overwatch Contenders’ regular season has been played on 1.14 for a while now, despite Patch 1.15 going live on Sept. 19. Teams have spent much of their time practicing Overwatch on the 1.14 patch, and changing now could put some teams at a disadvantage.

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After all, it’s a doozy of a patch. Patch 1.15 gave D.Va a new ability, Micro Missiles, but also totally reworked Mercy, giving her a new ultimate. The meta has changed since then, building upon the adjustments that went live with 1.14.

So, the D.Va and Mercy changes? You won’t see those when Overwatch Contenders concludes Oct. 7 to 8. But the Junkrat, Orisa, and Roadhog adjustments? Those are from 1.14 and will be in effect.

Day one of the Overwatch Contenders playoffs begins Oct. 7 with Misfits vs. Cloud9. Team Gigantti vs. 123 follows, rounding out the European matches. Team Envy will take on FNRGFE and FaZe Clan will face EnVision Esports over on the North American side. The finals for both regions will conclude on Oct. 8. A Team Deathmatch showmatch, with teams created by the community, will pit North America against Europe on Oct. 8.

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