Overwatch Contenders finals for NA and EU will be held in Poland

The live event will be held at Alvernia Planet.

Image via Alvernia Planet / Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch Contenders finals for North America and Europe are heading to Poland.

The top four Overwatch Contenders teams in North America and Europe will meet in Alwernia, Poland to compete at Alvernia Planet, a unique venue comprised of 13 connected domes. The tournament is scheduled for May 12 and 13.

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British Hurricane, CIS Hope, Angry Titans, and Team Gigantti have qualified for the LAN event on the European side. Toronto Esports, EnVision, Fusion University, and OpTic Academy will represent North America’s Overwatch Contenders event.

British Hurricane, Fusion University, and OpTic Academy represent their respective Overwatch League teams—London Spitfire, Philadelphia Fusion, and Houston Outlaws.

Following the Overwatch Contenders tournaments for each region, Blizzard will host “the Atlantic Showdown,” pitting the two championship-winning teams against each other to determine which region reigns supreme.

Overwatch Contenders’ North American and European finals will be broadcast in eight languages: English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, and Korean. All of these streams can be found on Twitch.

Overwatch Contenders is a showcase of up-and-coming talent, many players of which will likely play on the game’s big stage, the Overwatch League. In Overwatch Contenders first season in 2017, it was Team Envy (now Dallas Fuel) that took first place in North America. Over in Europe, Team Gigantti took first, with five of the team’s players moving over to Overwatch League rosters.

Finals details for Overwatch Contenders’ other five regions—South America, Australia, China, Korea, and Pacific—are expected soon.