Overwatch competitive free-for-all is live

The second season of competitive deathmatch returns with more rewards.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Tired of relying on teamwork to go up the ranks in competitive Overwatch? Competitive free-for-all, otherwise known as deathmatch, is probably your new favorite game mode. The special competitive arcade mode has come back for a second season after a successful run in May 2018.

Free-for-all is an arcade mode in Overwatch in which eight players compete against each other to get the most eliminations. Unlike most other game modes in Overwatch, which encourage teamwork, this mode emphasizes getting quick kills and saving your own behind. The first player to achieve a set amount of eliminations is crowned the champion.

Competitive free-for-all takes this concept and attaches a skill rating (SR) amount to the arcade mode. In the competitive version of deathmatch, players will only be placed on one of two maps: the sprawling estate of Widowmaker, Château Guillard, or the desert ruins of Petra. Eight players will enter the free-for-all and the first player to achieve 20 eliminations wins the round.

Much like the standard competitive mode in Overwatch, players will have to complete 10 placement matches to find out their SR, which is given on a numerical scale from one to 5,000. This SR will place players into a rank, from Bronze to Grandmaster, and they will be placed with players at their skill level in free-for-all matches.

By completing placement matches, players earn an exclusive competitive free-for-all season two icon, an exclusive player spray, and a set amount of competitive points after the season is concluded. Competitive points can be used to unlock golden weapons for heroes, so they’re a hot commodity.

Competitive arcade modes normally line up with the dates of an event. The Baptiste Reunion Challenge runs from June 18 to July 1, so competitive free-for-all may only be around until the start of July.