Overwatch community voices frustrations about new Remix events

The dev team is under quite a bit of fire.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players are expressing their frustration about the game’s new Anniversary Remix Vol. One event across social media.

Anniversary Remix Vol. One, which debuted on April 5 and runs through most of this month, introduced six new Legendary skins that are recolors of popular skins from previous events. The event also brought back the usual seasonal brawl rotation and the ability to purchase almost all of the game’s cosmetics, both of which are elements players have come to expect during Anniversary events. Anniversary Remix Vol. One is the first of three Anniversary Remix events this year, and it’s replacing Archives and Summer Games as Overwatch‘s spring and summer events.

Many fans aren’t happy about the change and the way that Blizzard is implementing it, though. Each of the Legendary skins costs 3,000 coins, the usual price for new skins. But some players are arguing that because these skins are recolors, they aren’t technically “new” and therefore shouldn’t be that expensive.

“I get that they’re busy with Overwatch 2 and that’s why the event is kind of half assed, but why are these so expensive when they’re not new/very impressive?” one player asked on Reddit. “3k for a new color of something you probably already have,” said another fan in a different thread.

Others are taking issue with the concept of recolor skins altogether, saying that the skins take “half the effort” to make as compared to new Legendary outfits and complaining about the lack of other unlockables like sprays and voice lines. “Oh my God…I’d rather just play the normal Archives event,” said one upset commenter. “I’m sad that we didn’t get some ‘remix’ voice lines,” said another. “For example, the same voice lines but in their characters’ respective languages or vice versa.”

Blizzard has not shared any details about the other two Anniversary Remix events this year, but it seems likely that they will also include recolored skins as the team focuses their effort on Overwatch 2’s upcoming PvP beta and launch.

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