Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2 Brawl event schedule

There's a different set of brawls for every day of the week.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2 is bringing back all of the brawls and arcade modes of various limited-time events in the game on a daily rotation. From Junkenstein’s Revenge to Yeti Hunter, there are a plethora of games to play.

But each set of brawls is only available on specific days throughout the event.

While each arcade mode will be playable for about three days over the course of the three-week event, you’ll need to get online on specific days if you want to play a certain one. With a seven-day rotation of brawls, each day of the week has a set of arcade modes associated with it that is affiliated with a particular seasonal event.

The seasonal events include Winter Wonderland, Lunar New Year, Overwatch Archives, Summer Games, and Halloween Terror. Overwatch Archives and Halloween Terror brawls are divided into two days each, with different games being offered each of the two days.

Here are all of the games being offered on each season event’s day:

  • Winter Wonderland – Snowball Deathmatch, Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunter, Freezethaw Elimination
  • Lunar New Year – Capture The Flag, Capture The Flag Blitz, Bounty Hunter
  • Archives Missions (part one) – Uprising (story and all heroes), Retribution (story and all heroes), Storm Rising (story and all heroes)
  • Archives Missions (part two) – Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising instances with various special affixes. Each story has three unique affix options.
  • Summer Games – Lúcioball, Lúcioball Remix
  • Halloween Terror (part one) – Junkenstein’s Revenge, Junkenstein’s Endless
  • Halloween Terror (part two) – Junkenstein’s Revenge with various affixes that include: Vengeful Ghost, Volatile Zomnics, Mystery Swap, Frenzied Stampede, Three They Were, Shocking Surprise

Anniversary Remix Brawl Schedule

  • May 17 – Winter Wonderland
  • May 18 – Lunar New Year
  • May 19 – Archives Missions (part one)
  • May 20 – Archives Missions (part two)
  • May 21 – Summer Games
  • May 22 – Halloween Terror (part one)
  • May 23 – Halloween Terror (part two)
  • May 24 – Winter Wonderland
  • May 25 – Lunar New Year
  • May 26 – Archives Missions (part one)
  • May 27 – Archives Missions (part two)
  • May 28 – Summer Games
  • May 29 – Halloween Terror (part one)
  • May 30 – Halloween Terror (part two)
  • May 31 – Winter Wonderland
  • June 1 – Lunar New Year
  • June 2 – Archives Missions (part one)
  • June 3 – Archives Missions (part two)
  • June 4 – Summer Games
  • June 5 – Halloween Terror (part one)
  • June 6 – Halloween Terror (part two)
  • June 7 – Winter Wonderland