Overwatch 2 fans call for a boycott of the game in response to big change in PvE plans

This discourse feels way louder than usual.

It’s been a bit of a tough week for fans of Overwatch 2 and the game’s developers alike.

To say that the community response to the news of Overwatch 2’s original plans for PvE being canceled has been negative would be quite an understatement. And it’s hard to argue with the disappointment among players.

While many players feel for Blizzard being forced to scrap its original plans for OW2’s PvE campaign, including a skill tree and a much deeper experience than what players will now receive, others have had enough and are even calling for a boycott on the game.

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Fan outcry was almost immediate earlier this week when Blizzard announced the change before revealing a road map for the next few seasons of the game. And soon, the community began to challenge itself to stop playing or even uninstall the game.

The hashtag #BoycottOverwatch appeared on Twitter this week, and an Overwatch World Cup live stream chat today was filled with the same message from players annoyed that the promise of OW2 has not been fulfilled and now likely won’t be.

But while many are going to the extreme, others do not feel the need to stop playing the game despite the let-down.

“Bro, I just got done working seven days straight,” one commenter said in the Reddit thread. “I get you’re upset. But I’mma go play my happy little shooting game for my three days off, because it’s fun and makes me happy. We’re still getting story/lore missions, which personally is all I wanted from PvE. There’s a thousand other games with some shitty talent system I can play.”

The point raised is a decent one. While the PvE plans are not exactly what was announced, additional campaign co-op content, including story missions and cutscenes featuring the heroes from the game to help further move the storyline along, are still coming.

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But for some, they claim that enough is enough and that nothing will change unless players show that they aren’t willing to put up with disappointing announcements like this most recent one.

“I agree with the reasoning that you guys still play,” another commenter said. “But I can’t play a game where they actively lie and scam me for more money. More power to you both, I just hope you change your mind.”


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