Orisa bug makes her fly back to safety after Roadhog hook

Superhero landing? Check.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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Overwatch’s Pharah is equipped with a suit of armor that allows her to fly in battle. But now, a recently-discovered bug accidentally gave Orisa a similar ability.

The glitch was shown in a video posted on Reddit last night. An unsuspecting Orisa was propelled upward after getting hooked by Roadhog and nearly falling into the pit in Nepal: Sanctum.

The video shows a Roadhog getting pulled into the abyss by Orisa’s Halt. He connects his Hook onto the enemy’s tank and drags her to the pit alongside him. But instead of both heroes falling to their deaths, Orisa was inexplicably thrown upward and landed nonchalantly on the ground.

Overwatch players have tried to make sense of the situation. One user suggested that the glitch might have been caused by a last-second shield throw, “[confusing] the game into giving the Orisa the same velocity as the shield.”

Another user speculated that it was just a visual bug and that Orisa didn’t get affected by it, but was shut down by the video’s author. They confirmed that Orisa and her team saw the bug and commented about it in the match chat.

Orisa was one of many heroes affected by Overwatch‘s latest patch, which is still in the Public Test Region (PTR). The update will bring a reduction of shields and give Orisa additional mobility and lower cooldowns in exchange for a third of her shield’s health. Even if she does become mobile, it’s a fairly safe guess that the patch won’t give her the ability to fly—at least not without the help of an enemy Roadhog.