October’s second golden loot box is now available in Overwatch

A treat for the Halloween season.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There are more opportunities than ever to rack up Overwatch loot. Another golden loot box is now available to Twitch Prime members, Blizzard announced last night.

“Unleash a Dragonstrike of loot,” Blizzard wrote from the official Overwatch account. “From now until Nov. 5, Twitch Prime members can nab a golden loot box and a [sic] receive a guaranteed legendary reward.”

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It’s the second loot box made available in October. The first offer expired earlier in the month. Twitch Prime members who own Overwatch can visit the loot page on Twitch with their Blizzard Battle.net account connected to unlock the box. Golden loot boxes are particularly special in Overwatch, offering players at least one item of legendary value. Regular loot boxes only offer items of rare quality or higher, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll get something good.

This offer is taking place during Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event, which runs until Oct. 31, but players won’t receive Halloween Terror goods in their loot boxes. Only the Halloween Terror loot boxes will offer season goodies. As always, loot boxes can only be redeemed once per campaign.

Blizzard is also running a promotion with Pop-Tarts. Any player that purchases three 12-pack Pop-Tart boxes from Target until Nov. 30 will be able to unlock another golden loot box. To earn it, though, save your receipt. It needs to be uploaded to the Kellogg Family Rewards website to redeem the box.

Here’s to hoping you get the skin you’ve always wanted.