7 December 2017 - 15:51

Taunt too early in an OW League match? Face the wrath of your jacked teammate

When a San Francisco Shock player emoted too early in a match, his jacked teammate forced him to change his keybinds.
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Photo via Blizzard Entertainment

There's no better feeling than winning an Overwatch match so handily that you can emote on the point in victory.

But it's easy to get a little too confident. In one instance, you're emoting on the point—say, you’re Winston and chomping down on some peanut butter. In the next, one of the world’s best Tracer players, Terrence “SoOn” Tarlier, is threatening your life.

Video via Overwatch League

That's exactly what happened to David "nomy" Ramirez during the San Francisco Shock and Los Angeles Valiant preseason exhibition match for the Overwatch League. Thankfully, the Shock were able to knock out the Valiant players before things went bad—but nomy still got an earful from his very buff teammate, Daniel "dhaK" Martinez Paz.

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The clip from the Overwatch League stream doesn't show exactly what happened during the match, but what happened after is, uh, fairly obvious. When the Valiant D.Va player and Shock Widowmaker are playing around on Horizon Lunar Colony, look to the right of the screen. You can hear nomy use the "Hello!" emote, then sort of see his Winston outline emoting right before SoOn starts messing around the point.

Video via Overwatch League

Immediately following the match, dhaK looks a little angry as he yells a message down the Shock player line. Eventually, he gets up from his chair and stands behind nomy's and DPS player Andreas "Nevix" Karlsson's computers. His actions are animated, and, of course, we can't hear what's going on. But dhaK's fellow Shock support Nikola "sleepy" Andrews stepped in to explain what happened.

"LOOOOOL dhaK got up and made nomy unbind his emote key because he prematurely emoted," sleepy wrote on Twitter.

Well, that makes sense. It appears that dhaK stands behind the computers until he's got visual proof that his teammates have unbinded their emote keys. The full video—with sound—is available on the Overwatch League website. The moments in question happen around the 20 minute, 40 second mark and continues for the rest of the Horizon Lunar Colony video.

The Overwatch League's preseason exhibition matches begin again this evening, and we can only hope for more amazing moments like this.

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