Overwatch’s 27th hero has maybe already been hinted at, according to Jeff Kaplan

Moira's here, but who's next?

Now that we’ve got Overwatch’s latest healer in the live game, it’s just about time to start speculating about the next hero.

Speaking to PCGamesN at the Fun & Serious Game Festival in Spain, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan didn’t give any details about Overwatch’s next hero, who is likely still months away, but he did mention that they’ve likely been hinted at.

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“Let’s just leave it at that,” Kaplan told PCGamesN. “A surprise that has perhaps been hinted at.”

What does that mean? Well, maybe Overwatch’s 27th hero has already appeared in an animated short or digital comic. Could it be the Junker queen? Maybe it’s Brigitte Lindholm or Talon omnic Maximilien? Time for us to scrounge through everything Blizzard has released in the past few months.

Kaplan also spoke about Moira’s release, and how she was hinted at in Doomfist’s comic. “We were trying to subtly hint at her,” Kaplan said. “She was in the Doomfist comic, and seeing how fans had glommed onto everything back in the Sombra ARG days, they literally picked apart everything, so we thought they would pick up on that a lot more.”

But fans didn’t latch onto Moira in the Doomfist comic, and so she was more of a surprise to the Overwatch fandom at large when she was revealed at BlizzCon in November.