New Ramattra lore for Overwatch 2 shows the Omnic’s rise to power within Null Sector

For Rammatra, more than humanity became his enemy.

Ramattra meditates alongside members of the Shambali.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Before players can get their hands on Ramattra in Overwatch 2, they can now dive a bit deeper into what the character’s motivations were and likely what led him to become such an imposing force.

Blizzard has provided more insight into the backstory of Overwatch 2’s upcoming hero, Ramattra, who went on to become the leader of Null Sector—a faction that Overwatch players have gotten to know very well over the last few years. In a new story titled “Reflections,” fans learn about what led Ramattra to leave Mondatta, Zenyatta, and the life of a monk behind as he sought revenge on humanity for enslaving Omnics.

After leaving the Shambali monastery, Ramattra began a mission of freeing Omnics, many of which continued to be subservient to humans following the Omnic Crisis. His journey leads him to meet an unnamed Omnic—who refers to themself as Nameless—who agrees to join him in freeing any Omnic they come across and ultimately helping to form Null Sector.

Ramattra leads the Omnics of Null Sector to where he was created by Anubis, the place where his destiny as a murderous machine was decided. He begins to argue with his allies as they believe the soldiers under their current command were incapable of successfully invading King’s Row in a manner that would showcase the power of the organization.

It’s then revealed that one of Rammatra’s friends and allies in Null Sector, Lanet, had been killed in what Ramattra referred to as a fight to “free her people,” acknowledging all of the Omnics remaining locked in cells. In a fit of fury, Ramattra touts that the lack of support from his fellow Omnics requires him to control them, pushing away the remaining leaders of Null Sector and leaving Ramattra to plot his next steps alone.

Ramattra is set to join the growing cast of playable heroes in Overwatch 2 on Dec. 6 alongside the start of season two, which will feature a myriad of skins based on Greek mythology.