New Overwatch teaser gives fans first look at Sigma

Hero 31 may be right around the corner.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Blizzard released a new Overwatch teaser today, giving fans a first look at what could be Hero 31.

The 14-second teaser shows an orange and black jumpsuit with a name tag reading “Subject ∑,” read as subject Sigma, and a bar code. A soft piano melody plays in the background at the start of the teaser but it quickly cuts to blaring alarms.

Blizzard released the video on its official Overwatch Twitter alongside a single question for fans: “What is that melody?”

A few fans have speculated that the song is “Gnossienne No.1” by French composer Erik Satie. But while the song in the teaser seems to line up closely with that of Satie’s, there seem to be slight differences between the two, suggesting it may possibly be a separate piece of music from the Overwatch universe.

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This teaser isn’t the first time fans have heard the name Sigma. Last week, the Mexican Overwatch World Cup posted a collection of screengrabs to Twitter in celebration of the game’s upcoming role queue. One of the images, labeled “temp art,” featured a player profile with the user’s stats. And the player’s most-played hero was a seemingly older man with a blue headpiece named Sigma.

We still don’t know much about Sigma, but with the frequency of recent leaks, fans should expect more information about the character in the weeks to come.