Blizzard hints at Hero 31 with new Overwatch teaser video

We might be getting a new hero very soon.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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There’s been plenty of speculation surrounding the next hero to join the roster of Overwatch, but the latest teaser trailer that Blizzard released has given fans more questions than answers.

The video starts off like a typical Developer’s Update with the game’s director Jeff Kaplan. After a pretty basic introduction, however, the video gets eaten up by a wormhole in the middle of the screen. The video then begins to play some classical music and several mathematical equations appear on screen.

That’s all that’s shown on screen, but there are already plenty of theories based on what was given. Many people in the Overwatch subreddit have said that the equations all have to do with gravity and particle physics.

Could that be a hint at what the hero’s kit will be based off of? A hero with a wormhole ability could be interesting, but how different could Blizzard make this hero from Zarya, whose ultimate also revolves around the manipulation of gravity?

Some fans have also said that this could be hinting at Sigma, a name that has been floating around as the next hero in Overwatch. His name and portrait were supposedly leaked by the Mexican World Cup team, which gives the rumors a bit more substance. Sigma is also the 18th letter in the Greek alphabet and is a symbol used in cross sections in nuclear and particle physics.

We should learn more about the next Overwatch hero in the upcoming weeks.