New Overwatch patch improves Custom Games browser

New patch notes bring order to the chaotic Custom Games browser.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch has released new patch notes that focus on quality-of-life improvements on the Custom Games browser. The update also brings season four of Competitive three-vs-three Lockout Elimination.

The patch highlights the improvements made to the Custom Games browser with new tabs for players to keep track of the new game modes that pop up in it. The new tabs include Popular, Favorites, Recent, and All Games.

The Popular tab shows the most played modes and modes that have started trending. The Favorites tab allows players to select their favorite game modes and compile them in a list. Players can favorite a game mode by ticking the star icon next to any mode on the list. The Recent tab shows all of the game modes that a player has recently played, while the All Games tab gives the standard list of lobbies.

There’s also a new Custom Game setting called Mode Name, which is right above the description in the Custom Games settings. It’s used to represent the different modes in the Custom Games browser. Overwatch developers are encouraging creators to reupload their game modes with the new Mode Name filled out so it’s easier for players to find them. If the Custom Game doesn’t have the Mode Name filled out, the share code will be what’s displayed instead.

In addition to the improvements in the Custom Games browser and some bug fixes, a new season of Competitive three-vs-three Lockout Elimination has begun. This is the mode’s fourth season.