Ana nerfed, Sombra buffed on Overwatch public test region

Zenyatta, Winston, and Junkrat are getting slight buffs, too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard continues to perfect Overwatch’s balance by tweaking heroes on the game’s public test region. This time, it’s Ana, Junkrat, Winston, Sombra, Zenyatta, and Orisa getting a few adjustments.

None of the changes are major, but any of them could have a big impact on Overwatch.

Ana’s nerf will reduce the damage of her biotic rifle from 80 to 60, while also reducing the impact damage of her biotic grenade from 60 to 30. Impact healing from the biotic grenade has also been reduced from 100 to 50. Yikes—this is likely the biggest nerf in this round of adjustments, and one that really decreases Ana’s power.

Orisa, Overwatch’s newly introduced hero, is also getting a nerf. Her fusion driver weapon will see its magazine size lowered from 200 to 150, with her supercharger ultimate cost increased by 15 percent. A drum strapped to Orisa’s back, the supercharger powers up nearby allies, making it a major asset to any team.

Everyone else got slight buffs: Junkrat will no longer hurt himself from firing off stray bombs, while Winston’s barrier projector will now start its cooldown when the barrier is placed instead of when it gets taken down. Zenyatta will now be able to send his discord orb, which increases damage taken, through enemy barriers. His orb of destruction’s alternate fire recovery will also be reduced from one second to .6 seconds.

Sombra’s buff comes in the form of reducing the volume of her sound effects and voice lines. When the patch goes live, the distance that enemies can hear her voice lines and sound effects when entering stealth will be reduced to 15 meters. And that’s actually big: Her stealth ability makes her invisible, but her super loud voice lines make it very hard to be sneaky. This change will make a bit easier to get around unnoticed as Sombra. With that, her translocator cooldown has been reduced from six seconds to four seconds.

These tweaks will be live on the Overwatch PTR as early as this morning.