A Torbjörn-inspired Brigitte skin will hit Overwatch’s PTR soon

Her new look is inspired by her dad.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When Overwatch’s newest hero, Brigitte, entered the game’s test server last week, she had no skins and few other cosmetic items—but that’s changing very soon.

A teaser from the Japanese Overwatch Twitter account debuted Brigitte’s very first skin, and it’s inspired by her father Torbjörn’s classic skin. The Torbjörn-inspired skin turns Brigitte’s mustard yellow armor into a steampunk-esque masterpiece.

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Brigitte sports a mechanical arm in the new skin, just like her father. Deep reds and molten lava-like yellows dominate the new outfit, which is topped off with mechanic’s googles strapped onto her head. As with all Overwatch skins, what makes the skin special and unique is really all in the details—like the wrench tucked into a pocket and the mechanized shield.

There’s no mistaking that this skin is a nod to her father.

Brigitte entered Overwatch’s PTR on Feb. 28. Her first nerfs came over the weekend, targeting her Shield Bash ability. She’ll remain on the Overwatch PTR until Blizzard deems her ready. There’s no timeline for her release, but new Overwatch heroes typically spend weeks in testing.