Mercy isn’t very popular with Overwatch League pros


Overwatch League pros weren’t shy in expressing who their least favorite Overwatch character is.

When asked by IGN which hero they’d like to delete from the game, a majority of players answered Overwatch support hero Mercy. “If you could secretly go back in time and sneak into Blizzard HQ and remove one character from Overwatch because they annoy you, who would it be, and why?” IGN asked.

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The answer was received loud and clear: It’s Mercy.

“I think Resurrect as an ability in a first-person shooter like Overwatch, it’s not fun to spectate, it’s not fun to play, and it’s not fun to play with, especially,” LA Valiant player Ted “silkthread” Wang told IGN.

Boston Uprising player Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez continued: “You can’t really punish people. When you kill people, you’re supposed to punish the enemy team for it. If you could Rez your team, it’s like, oh, I have to try to re-kill you and make you do the same mistake over again.”

The most common complaint is about Mercy’s Resurrect ability and how it voids out one-shot picks from sniper heroes like Widowmaker. Instead of rewarding a player for making an amazing shot with Widowmaker, snipers are forced into other roles.

There was one outlier, though: Dallas Fuel support Sebastian “chipshajen” Widlund. He initially said Mercy, but changed his mind. “Removing Mercy is good in a way, but I think Mercy brings in a lot of players that otherwise wouldn’t play the game,” chipshajen told IGN. “I wouldn’t remove Mercy, I think she’s important—she just needs to be balanced right now.”

So who would he remove instead? Junkrat. Chipshajen’s just not into the random spamming that most Junkrat players do.