London Spitfire drops Overwatch League head coach

This is the second Overwatch League coach to be booted this week.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Cloud9 has dropped its Overwatch League team’s head coach, Lee “Bishop” Beom-joon.

He’s the second coach to depart from an Overwatch League team this week. Shanghai Dragons head coach Chen “U4” Congshan stepped down from his position on March 6—the team hasn’t won a single game yet in the Overwatch League. But London doesn’t have that problem; they won the Overwatch League’s first stage.

“[Lee] was instrumental in the formation of the Spitfire lineup, finding two of the world’s best Overwatch rosters, GC Busan and KongDoo Panthera, and fusing them into a single unit which was crowned Overwatch League stage one champions,” the organization wrote in a statement.

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Lee wrote on Twitter that it’s “unfortunate” to leave the team in the middle of the inaugural Overwatch League season. He’s currently looking for a new team.

The circumstances surrounding Lee’s departure remain unclear. Dot Esports has reached out to Lee and the London Spitfire for more information. Two coaches Park “changgoon” Chang-geun and Kim “Jfeel” Jeong-min remain the core of London Spitfire’s coaching staff.

Lee has been part of the Cloud9 organization, which owns London Spitfire, since March 2017. He coached the now defunct Cloud9 Overwatch team that failed to make it out of their Overwatch Contenders season zero group stage.