Little Red Ashe Overwatch Anniversary skin revealed

Who's afraid of the big, bad B.O.B.?

Ashe cosplay
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The 2020 Overwatch Anniversary event is set to kick off May 19 and the line of Legendary skin reveals has already begun.

Ashe earns the honor of being the first hero with a skin unveiled for the event. This year, she takes a turn as a fairy-tale legend. Her steadfast companion, B.O.B., gets an accurate yet terrifying makeover.

Little Red Ashe is a Legendary skin that will be available when the Overwatch Anniversary event begins next week. The skin’s existence was revealed through a leaked post on the Blizzard forums, but the actual skin is better than anyone could have imagined.

Ashe gets a grown-up version of the Little Red Riding Hood costume, complete with armor and gun holsters. It’s a bit shorter and a lot more appropriate for battle than the traditional story’s lore would have allowed, though.

While Ashe looks good, we need to talk about B.O.B., who might end up being the real focus of this skin. The Big Omnic Butler is turned into the big bad wolf with an important twist: a grandmother’s flowery outfit. B.O.B. has apparently decided to cosplay the part of the tale where the wolf pretends to be Little Red Riding Hood’s ailing grandmother. His bonnet looks fabulous.

This new skin will be available in 2020 Overwatch Anniversary loot boxes once the event launches on May 19. Since it’s a new Legendary skin, it’ll also be available to purchase for 3,000 gold.