Letting Zenyatta walk was a mistake

An Overwatch League fan asked for it, then got his request granted by Blizzard.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch support hero Zenyatta floats. His legs stay crossed as he moves across the digital battlefield to aid his allies. Occasionally, he kicks. But what he doesn’t do is walk—until now. And it’s bad.

Thanks to some Overwatch League fan that brought a sign—”Let Zen walk”—to the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, Zenyatta walks. The sign gained global attention when the Overwatch League operator zoomed in on it during a broadcast. Someone with a little bit of free time at Blizzard HQ must have seen it and answered the call. The result is not good, and it’s been posted on Twitter.

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Zenyatta walks. It’s terrifying. His body movement is quite jarring, something you might see at a CrossFit gym. Legs flailing, Zenyatta is all knees as he shoots orbs in every direction.

We don’t know exactly who to blame for this one. Is it the creator of the sign? The Overwatch League camera operator? An Overwatch animator? The social media person? We may even be to blame for sharing the monstrosity further.

Yikes. One Overwatch fan got his request granted, but we all have to live with the results.