How will the Overwatch 2 battle pass work?

The battle pass will have a free and a paid option.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A lot of news dropped about Overwatch 2’s battle pass today after some details about it leaked last week. Players now have more official details about what the Overwatch 2 battle pass will look like and what will be included.

The battle pass was explained in detail in a blog post published this morning, and both the free track and premium option were discussed. Some rewards will be available on both, but what fans really wanted to know about was the details regarding how to unlock heroes.

In a screengrab shared on the blog page, it shows the new hero Kiriko behind tier 55 in the free battle pass. This is exactly what players feared, and although the developers explained their reasoning behind the decision, social media is still buzzing with angry players.

Aside from season one, where anyone who already purchased Overwatch 1 will have access to Kiriko right away, new heroes will have to be earned going forward starting in season two if they choose the free battle pass. Players who own Overwatch 1 already will also have access to Junker Queen and Sojourn upon logging in to OW2 as part of the Founder’s Pack.

Overwatch 2 season one battle pass explained

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Season one’s battle pass will have 20 tiers in it that will reward players with two Epic skins, one weapon charm, two Souveniers, one Highlight Intro, Prestige Tier Titles, and more. No purchase is required for players to access this track of the battle pass.

The premium battle pass will include 80 tiers of rewards, including the game’s first Mythic-tier skin, which will be given to Genji, and other cosmetic items. The premium track also includes instant access to Kiriko instead of needing to earn her.

There are over 60 cosmetic items for players to unlock through the premium tier, including five new Legendary skins, one Epic skin, and the Cyber Demon Genji Mythic skin. The new Mythic skin is customizable and allows players to layer color schemes and patterns. One new Mythic skin will be available in the premium tier each season.

How much does the Overwatch 2 battle pass cost?

There will be a new currency in OW2 called Overwatch Coins, and the battle pass will cost 1,000 of them, which is equivalent to $10. Overwatch Coins can be purchased directly from the game or earned in-game by completing weekly challenges. Those who purchased the Watchpoint Pack will automatically have access to season one’s premium battle pass.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

No details about the amount of Overwatch Coins players can earn have been released yet. The blog post says that players can earn more currency by completing weekly challenges, but it’s unclear if players can earn enough to pay for the next premium battle pass with the Coins earned in the weekly challenges.

Players who choose the free battle pass but change their mind later will be able to purchase the premium track and all of the rewards that would have been earned up until the tier the player is currently at will be awarded at that time.

How Overwatch 2 battle pass progression will work

Overwatch 2’s progression for the battle pass will work the same way it does in other games. Players will progress the battle pass simply by playing the game. Completing daily and weekly challenges will allow players to move through the battle pass faster with the extra experience. Players who group up will also get an extra 20 percent boost to experience on match XP.

On Oct. 4, players will get a hands-on look at the battle pass, new heroes, a new map, and more. The original Overwatch game will be replaced by Overwatch 2 on that day, and the last day for players to experience the original will be Oct. 2.