How to watch Overwatch World Cup Paris group stage

Six Overwatch World Cup teams are headed to Paris.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Only two slots remain for the Overwatch World Cup heading into the Paris group stage. France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, and United Kingdom are all in line for national glory when the group stage kicks off the three-day event on Sept. 21 in Paris.

Teams are headed to Espace Grande Arche in Paris for the last group stage of the Overwatch World Cup roadshow. The winners there will meet South Korea, Finland, United States, Canada, China, and Australia in Anaheim, California at BlizzCon in November.

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What’s the schedule?

Teams will compete in the group stage event over three days. The top two teams will move on to the Overwatch World Cup’s main event at BlizzCon in November.

Sept. 21

  • France vs. Netherlands, 3am CT
  • United Kingdom vs. Germany, 4:45am CT
  • Poland vs. Italy, 6:30am CT
  • Germany vs. Netherlands, 8:15am CT
  • United Kingdom vs. Poland, 10am CT

Sept. 22

  • France vs. Germany, 5am CT
  • Netherlands vs. Italy, 6:45am CT
  • Germany vs. Poland, 8:30am CT
  • France vs. Italy, 10:15am CT
  • Netherlands vs. United Kingdom, 12pm CT

Sept. 23

  • Italy vs. Germany, 5am CT
  • France vs. Poland, 6:45am CT
  • Italy vs. United Kingdom, 8:30am CT
  • Poland vs. Netherlands, 10:15am CT
  • France vs. United Kingdom, 12pm CT

Where can I watch?

The entire event will be livestreamed in multiple languages on the Overwatch World Cup Twitch channel. Tickets have been sold out for the live event for a while now, so unless you’ve already got a ticket, you’re out of luck to watch the live event.

What’s at stake?

Two spots at the Overwatch World Cup are up for grabs. The six teams participating in the Paris qualifier will be fighting for those two slots. But all teams are earning money for competing at the event, with each roster awarded $15,000. Teams that make it to the main event in November will earn an additional $16,000.

Otherwise, the Overwatch World Cup is a potential scouting ground for the Overwatch League, the game’s premier tournament. The roster signing period for the league is now open, and upcoming players will be looking to stand out at the Overwatch World Cup. Blizzard is adding eight more teams to the Overwatch League—which means there’s even more roster slots to be filled.