How to unlock Roadhog’s Clown skin in Overwatch Halloween Terror

You'll float, too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It’s the final week of Overwatch’s annual Halloween Terror event and that means there’s one final skin that players can unlock without needing to hit the loot box lottery.

Up this week is a Clown Roadhog skin that resembles the terrifying antagonist Pennywise from the It films.

With red lipstick and sharp teeth, this red-nosed Roadhog has white paint on his face complimented by spiky red hair. Meanwhile, his stomach tattoo perfectly matches his face and bears the word “SMILE,” while his traditional license-plate belt bulk says “FN-TIMES.”

Just like the Skeleton Genji and Einherjar Zarya skins over the past two weeks, all you need to do to get this skin is play 27 games between today and next Tuesday, Nov. 2, when the 2021 Halloween Terror event ends.

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You get credit toward a game played by doing quick play, competitive, or arcade, so there are plenty of ways to earn your skin quickly.

After your first nine games, you get a Clown Roadhog player icon. Nine more games later, you’ll earn a matching spray as well.