When does Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event end?

The event will last three weeks.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Junkenstein is cackling from his tower once again, signaling the official start of Halloween season and Overwatch’s Halloween Terror.

The limited-time event brings back a plethora of vaulted cosmetics from years worth of Halloween Terrors past. And as you’d expect, there are a few new skins as well.

Starting today, the event will last three weeks—as it traditionally does. This means you have until Nov. 2 to collect as many Halloween-themed loot boxes as possible and unlock any legendary skins you might be missing.

Among the new skins that Blizzard has teased for this season’s Halloween Terror are an It skin for Roadhog, Vampire Bat skin for Echo, and a Draugr Reinhardt skin.

As is always the case for Halloween events, Overwatch players will be able to unlock skins from previous years’ events through Halloween loot boxes as well as in-game currency. But you’ll only be able to do so while the event is live. So don’t let Nov. 2 sneak up on you.