How to play Sojourn in Overwatch 2

Sojourn mains will have a lot of mobility to work with.

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Sojourn originally released during the Overwatch 2 beta that began on April 26—and players have been perfecting her ever since, and many of them are quite deadly with her if they know how to play her.

Described as a mid-range character by the developers, Sojourn’s kit is packed with mobility and artillery, which will make her scary in the hands of a skilled player.

“Sojourn’s someone who is super detail-oriented and thorough, which I think leans into her kit being accuracy-heavy,” narrative designer Miranda Moyer said. “She’s a brilliant tactician and definitely a ‘measure twice cut once’ kind of person.”

This likely means that those who enjoy hitscan characters like Cassidy or Soldier: 76 are going to love Sojourn’s gameplay style. Her Railgun’s primary fire generates energy that is stored and then released in the form of a deadly beam that consumes it.

Between the DPS role passive that allows DPS players to move faster and her Power Slide ability, Sojourn has a lot of mobility, allowing her to get up in players’ faces and make a quick exit when she gets in too deep.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Her Disruptor Shot snares enemies and slowly depletes their health as they try to get out of it. Those caught in it will need to get out quickly if they want to avoid a Railgun shot to the head, which when charged to about 85 percent will kill a squishy hero if she can land a headshot. Sojourn players will want to take this opportunity to either charge their Railgun or let off a secondary fire shot that could easily pick off a player whose health has been eaten by the Disruptor Shot.

A key skill players will need to master when playing Sojourn is when to release a charged shot. Because Sojourn can kill a squishy player with a headshot at less than 100 percent charge, it may be worth trying for a headshot even when not all the way charged. Charges over 83 percent will likely kill a squishy player with a headshot, even if they have full health. Players should experiment with when to shoot her Railgun’s secondary fire.

Her ultimate is super deadly since her secondary fire auto-charges and can be unleashed faster upon enemies. If she finds a weak enemy, she’s likely going to be able to finish them off with a shot from her Railgun, so finding those enemies while her ultimate is active will be key. Players with exceptional aim will have fun clicking heads and watching squishy enemies die instantly during her ult.

Players who want to get their hands on Sojourn will be able to with a free-to-play account, and will not need to unlock her as long as they owned Overwatch 1 at the time Overwatch 2 launched. Players who are signing up for the first time will need to complete the First Time User Experience before they can unlock many of the heroes in the Overwatch 2 lineup.


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