Here’s your chance to have your thoughts on Overwatch 2 microtransactions heard

Now we can go back to the skins equals wins mindset.

Image via Blizzard

Overwatch 2 has been plagued with scandal after scandal, and the developers have been in crisis control since the game’s release.

So far, there have been bugs crashing the game, queues of thousands waiting to get in, and microtransactions that made people question whether Blizzard was following the law.

As it turns out, during their quest to right their wrongs, Blizzard sent out a survey discussing the Battle Pass and the Overwatch Store. For you fans with a loud voice, now is the chance to share your concerns and your opinions on how Overwatch 2 has handled its microtransactions.

To take the survey, you need to get an email from Blizzard regarding Overwatch 2—keep your eyes on your inbox over the next few weeks as the messages roll out.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard landed in hot water among the Reddit community earlier this month, as microtransactions for certain bundles were allegedly set at a discount without them being put at the full price prior to their release.

This caused a lot of controversy due to this potentially being illegal in several countries in Europe and Australia.

The majority of the issues involving queues and voice chat have been fixed, but the new microtransaction issues are only just being addressed.

Hopefully, these issues can now be resolved with the survey. It seems Blizzard is finally putting Overwatch 2 on the right path, and microtransactions can be fun again.