Here are dafran’s Overwatch settings

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Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Hailing from Denmark, dafran is a retired Overwatch League pro and streamer with an extensive history in the scene. The DPS player was picked up by Selfless Gaming in 2017, around his prime within the competitive scene.

Dafran was suspended from competitive play only five months after joining the squad due to griefing in ranked matches during season five. Though it isn’t unusual for high-ranked players to get a little angry when they’re frustrated in public matches, dafran later claimed that he wanted to get banned on purpose so he could stop playing competitively.

The player slowly transitioned into the streaming world, but he was once again recruited to play competitively—this time by Overwatch League team Atlanta Reign in 2018. After five months with the team, dafran stepped down and continued streaming under the Reign’s banner. Despite not being a fan of playing on the competitive stage, it’s difficult to remember a season where dafran failed to finish with more than 4500 skill rating.

Dafran announced in late 2020 that he was also pursuing a career in agriculture, but it hasn’t stopped him from streaming Overwatch. If you’ve been admiring his gameplay and would like to play more like him, then using his settings can be a great start. Most of these settings are based on personal preference, so you can only improve them with your own adjustments.

Here are dafran’s Overwatch settings.

Dafran’s mouse settings

While sensitivity settings will depend on the type of gaming mouse you have alongside your mousepad, you should always set your polling rate to 1000. Doing so will ensure that you’ll have the lowest input lag possible when you initiate an in-game action with your mouse.

eDPI2544cm = 360 degrees54.46
Zoom sensitivity44Polling rate (Hz)1000
Zowie EC2-A

Dafran’s graphics settings

The following settings offer a decent balance between visual quality and performance. Dafran uses a 240 Hz monitor and he can easily achieve 240 frames per second with the following settings. If you have a high refresh rate monitor and can’t seem to get enough frames to take advantage of your refresh rate, then you should lower some of them.

Display modeFullscreenRefresh rate (Hz)240
Resolution1920×1080Field of view90
Aspect ratio16:9V-syncOff
Tripple bufferingOffReduce bufferingOn
Display performance statsOnDisplay system clockOff
Render scale100 percentTexture qualityHigh
Texture filtering qualityMedium – 2xLocal fog detailMedium
Dynamic reflectionsOffShadow detailLow
Model detailLowEffects detailLow
Lightning qualityMediumAnti-aliasingLow – FXAA
Refraction qualityMediumScreenshot quality1x resolution
Local reflectionsOnAmbient occlusionOn