Guangzhou’s OWL team teases details about their roster and name

What will the team be called? And what will the final roster look like?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Eight new teams will be joining the Overwatch League next year as part of the second season, but none of them have revealed their starting rosters or, more importantly, what they will be called.

That will all be changing soon. The Guangzhou, China team, which is owned by the Nenking Group, a Chinese conglomerate that also owns Chinese Basketball Association’s the Guangzhou Long Lions, is looking to dispel the mystery.

Team Guangzhou are looking to build an international roster filled with both Chinese and overseas players to compete in the league. The organization is also looking to fill its coaching staff with members from across the globe.

Guangzhou has already held trials with some players, the organization told Dot Esports, and recently scrimmed against some of the top Overwatch World Cup teams to test their mettle. The scrim teams were even able to take games off of the World Cup teams. Who these players are, however, remains a mystery.

As for what the Guangzhou team will be called, the organization is still keeping that a mystery. It told us that the name will not be based on an animal, however, so that just leaves a few other thousand or so things that it could be.

Season two of the Overwatch League is still a few months away, with the show starting on Feb. 14, 2019, so there is still plenty of time for Guangzhou to reveal what it has up its sleeves. Guangzhou isn’t the only new OWL team, however, to tease some upcoming news. Toronto is set to hold a special live event at Toronto’s Berkeley Church to unveil the details of their brand on Oct. 25 at 5pm CT.

It is now a race to see which of the new organizations will reveal it all first. Toronto could become the first, but there is still time for Guangzhou to reveal more about its team than simple teasers.