Toronto’s Overwatch League team will host an unveiling party on Oct. 24

The live event will be held at Toronto’s Berkeley Church, and will possibly be livestreamed.

Photo via Blizzard

The new Toronto Overwatch League team will hold a live event at Toronto’s Berkeley Church to unveil the details of their brand. They used their official Twitter account to announce that their “introduction to the world” will be held on Oct. 24 from 5pm to 10pm CT.

But the tweet does not specify how complete this introduction will be. The Toronto Overwatch League team does not have a name, logo, or any kind of branding apart of their Twitter account. Fans should expect these details at the event.

The reveal of part of the team’s roster should be expected as well, but maybe not the full roster. The Overwatch League signing window is still open for all teams in the league, including the eight expansion teams, who had a month of exclusivity to sign any free agents. These free agents include season one players who were dropped from their teams in the previous roster signing period. Toronto and all other teams now must sign at least eight players until Dec. 1.

If the Toronto team introduction is complete, the reveal should include the core roster of six players at the Berkeley Church event on Oct. 24. Considering that the transfer window will still be open for over a month after that, we could even see a Contenders player get a spot on the team as a substitute in the future. Toronto can only sign other players if they have not reached the roster cap of 12 players.

Other Overwatch League teams should be revealing their names, branding, and rosters soon as well. Season two of the Overwatch League begins on Feb. 14, and teams will need to introduce themselves to the world before that if they want to start building a community around the city they are in and the players they have signed.

The Toronto Overwatch League team hinted at another way for fans outside Toronto to watch the event, which could be a livestream on Twitch or another streaming platform. But they have not provided more information about what is it yet.