Streamer plays Overwatch hero Genji with fidget spinners—because why not?

Rudeism started working on the controller in November.

Rudeism’s fidget spinner controller for Genji may be his dankest yet.

Twitch streamer Rudeism started working on the fidget spinner setup in November, but he’s finally completed the board. Using five fidget spinners, Rudeism is able to fully control Genji and play a bunch of rounds of Overwatch. It’s a tricky setup, but Rudeism manages to make it work.

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Moving requires one fidget spinner to be twirled constantly, with another set up for sideways movements. Rudeism pushes another fidget spinner down to jump, with another set up shooting projectiles. That one is also rigged to ask for healing, too—he is playing Genji, after all.

The fidget spinners are connected to an Arduino board, and each sits on its own rotary encoder. “Each encoder can detect if a fidget spinner’s being spun in one way or the other, and whether or now I’m pressing one like a regular button,” Rudeism said on Reddit.

Rudeism is the guy behind plenty of other wacky Overwatch controllers, including his Doritos and Mountain Dew controller, his Widowmaker baguette controller, and his Orisa rocking horse controller. The streamer’s become famous within the Overwatch streaming community for his weird controllers, with each continuously out-weirding the next.