Gen.G suspends Ryujehong’s team-related activities in response to sexist comments

The organization’s COO was “disappointed at the language” used by the former Overwatch League pro.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

Esports organization Gen.G is taking action against content creator and former Overwatch League player Ryu “Ryujehong” Jehong after he used sexist language in a stream over the weekend.

Arnold Hur, the co-president and Chief Operating Officer of Gen.G, released a statement about the incident today, detailing his disappointment with the language used and his belief that Ryujehong is regretful about what happened. 

Gen.G has “suspended all of [Ryujehong’s] team-related activities indefinitely” in response to the incident, which sparked division and disappointment in Ryujehong’s fan community.   

Over the weekend, Ryujehong co-streamed with Haegi, a female streamer known for her League of Legends streams and casual, fun content. During the stream, a drunk Ryujehong repeatedly referred to her as a “bitch,” reprimanded her for speaking while a man was talking, and inferred that she was a “gold digger” with Korean slang.   

Ryujehong released a statement on Jan. 17 apologizing for the discomfort his viewers felt but said his stream would remain a free area. Some fans insisted he was just bantering with a friend and Haegi said she didn’t understand the controversy in a later stream. 

Earlier today, Ryujehong wiped his Instagram account of everything except two black boxes. One of the remaining posts contains a sincere apology for the language he used and for disappointing his fans.   

“I’m personally very disappointed in the language used during the stream,” Hur said in the Gen.G statement. “He has expressed to us sincere regret for betraying the trust of his community.” 

Ryujehong was signed to Gen.G, which owned his former Overwatch League team the Seoul Dynasty, as a content creator on Jan. 11. He’s been producing content for the organization as well as the “Nano” interview series for the Korean Overwatch League YouTube channel.