DoA shares concerns about Overwatch League following MonteCristo’s departure

The OWL's talent is leaving left and right.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League will look a lot different next season following the departure of Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles. Earlier this week, the veteran caster cited creative differences as the main reason he was leaving the talent desk. 

But Monte isn’t the only one who brought up concerns about how OWL is handling things and where the product is heading. His longtime broadcast partner Erik “DoA” Lonnquist is also unsure of his plans regarding the league. 

After Monte made it known he would not be returning, DoA revealed that his contract with OWL is up and he is still in the process of figuring out what he wants to do next. 

“As for my own 2020 plans, my OWL contract is also over as of today,” DoA said. “I’ve put everything I had into Overwatch since 2016, although I absolutely share Monte’s concerns about the league. That said, I still believe in the concept of what it’s trying to do in the esports space and I’m still totally in love with the game in general.”

Since signing on with the inaugural season of OWL, DoA helped bring a level of professionalism and charisma to the fledgling esport league. Alongside Monte, the duo continued to shine as one of the best commentator duos in any competitive scene and provided fans with not only great commentary, but fun interludes and moments between the matches too. 

Unlike Monte, DoA did not cut ties with the league or reveal any specific problems he has with potential behind-the-scenes issues. He left the door for a return wide open but also notes that he is not just sitting around during the offseason. 

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“All I can say is, we’ll see!” DoA said. “It’s been a blast going back to some other titles like LoL recently and even sinking my casting teeth into a new title with TFT (Teamfight Tactics.) There’s a lot out there right now to get excited about! Either way you can be sure 2020 is going to bring a ton of me making terrible jokes on camera and generally having a great time in my 10th year of professional esports.”

If he does end up leaving OWL for new opportunities he will become the third big name to do so within a very short period of time. Monte was the first and Chris “Puckett” Puckett has just revealed that he was also leaving the league after moving back to New York. 

There are some big changes coming to the talent desk for the third season and we will learn more as the Feb. 8 start date continues to draw closer.