Deaf Overwatch player Maxim76 reaches top 500 playing support

He's a former Overwatch professional player and has the 20th best Moira in his server.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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If you think top-tier players in Overwatch have next-level game sense, it’s time to relearn what that really means.

Deaf Overwatch streamer Maxim76 reached top 500 yesterday, peaking at 4,237 Season Rating and becoming the 482nd player with the best rating in his server. His Moira is also considered the 20th best, according to the Overwatch statistics website Overbuff.

Fans recorded the moment in which Maxim76 reached top 500. He’s tense and staring at his monitor after winning a competitive match. After his Season Rating is calculated and the game shows he’s in top 500, he starts smiling and showing his Overwatch mousepad and shirt while making a heart with his hands.

Maxim76’s Twitch channel description says he’s a main support player who also plays other flexible heroes, such as tanks like D.Va and Winston. Also, he was a professional Overwatch player in the past.

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Reaching top 500 in Overwatch is a great accomplishment for any player, but it’s even more impressive for someone with hearing impairment like Maxim76. Overwatch is a game where a lot of information is given through audio cues, like when an opponent or ally uses their ultimate or when there’s little time left on the map. Voice communication is also nearly mandatory at ranks as high as the one Maxim76 is at. Developing a game sense that’s accurate enough to make up for that lack of information and communication with teammates is out of the ordinary.

Apparently, since that accomplishment, Maxim76 has dropped a bit and is now at 3,850 SR, which still makes him the 635th best player in the server.