Cole Cassidy turns back into McRight-Click to delete Bastion twice

I count six bullets... no 12... no 18.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When the opposing team is playing Bastion with a Mercy pocket, sometimes Overwatch players must take desperate measures to clutch out the win. 

In the case of Reddit user _NickAdmin_, this meant picking Cole Cassidy, rolling up to the Bastion, and fanning the hammer. 

Much to their dismay, the Bastion was immediately resurrected by the enemy Mercy. So Cassidy had to keep fanning that hammer. He put six shots into the Mercy, then turned his anger toward the newly-restored Bastion. One more fan the hammer put the omnic out for good, allowing Cassidy’s team to take the point.

With Cassidy’s recent name change, his old nickname of McRight-Click doesn’t fit anymore. Fans online have suggested Cole Cassidy could be “Roll Flash-idy,” while others joked that his name should have just been changed to “Fann DaHamma.”

Other fans spent time reminiscing about Cassidy’s old abilities, where fanning the hammer didn’t have any damage reduction. Instead of the five damage per shot it does now, it used to do the full 70 that his normal shots deal. This means it would pump out 420 damage in the blink of an eye. Nowadays, it only does 300 if a player lands all six shots.

Blizzard has announced a new limited-time event to commemorate the hero’s name change. This event comes with a new line of comics, as well as an epic skin, profile icon, and spray.