Chengdu Hunters calls up TAROCOOK1E from academy, drops Kaneki from main roster

Everybody's favorite lovable pandas will sport a new-look heading into the next stage.

Photo by Ben Pursell via Blizzard Entertainment

The Chengdu Hunters has decided to that a little roster switcheroo was in order after their somewhat disappointing results in recent Overwatch League matches.

The Chengdu side will be saying goodbye to the young prodigal DPS player Kaneki for the coming stage, sending him back to where he began the year, playing on the Hunters’ academy side in Chinese Contenders.

Replacing Kaneki in the main squad is TAROCOOK1E, a relatively unknown name who has been battling away in the second-tier of competition for nigh on four years now, and is most known for his consistent hitscan play on his most recent team, Team Chaser.

Alongside the announcement, the Chendgu Hunters released a statement on TAROCOOK1E helping fans to understand what kind of player to expect.

“TAROCOOK1E has played in our academy team Team Chaser. He has shown great accuracy with hitscan heroes and has won 2nd and 3rd places in CNOC Knockout Stage. He is bold but cautious, talented in grasping his chance of reverse sweeping the competition in tough situations. Now that his practice challenge has been fulfilled, it’s time for him to show on the wider stage of OWL as a hunter!”

Currently sitting fifth out of eight teams in the Eastern Division of the OWL, TAROCOOK1E has a lot of work ahead of him to help his team to begin trending upwards in the coming critical stages ahead of the all-important finals later this year.

See the new-look Hunters play in their first match of the stage on June 26, up against the Seoul Dynasty on the OWL YouTube channel.