Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge announced for Overwatch

As one may say, "it's high noon."

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Would you look at the time?

Overwatch announced the Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge will take place in-game starting Nov. 9, in celebration of Cole Cassidy’s new identity. While the details have yet to be revealed, the event seems to center around a new look for Overwatch’s cowboy, one that players will likely receive upon completing the challenge. This will be the first new skin for Cassidy following his recent name change as a result of ongoing controversies within Blizzard Entertainment.

This new gear for Cassidy brings in a more wilderness-centric aesthetic than his traditional cowboy garb. The colors are much more sandy yellow than brown and appear to act as camouflage. On top of that, this skin also gives Cassidy a hefty camo-green neck scarf to hide his face, highlighting the canon lore that his true identity has been kept secret for years.

Like other Overwatch challenge events, players will likely be tasked with playing games to earn progression points in earning challenge-exclusive rewards. These rewards normally consist of various sprays for the featured hero, though the sprays for Cassidy with this event have yet to be revealed. Completing the challenge will likely unlock the Cassidy skin teased in the short video, though the name of the skin is currently unknown.

Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge will run in Overwatch between Nov. 9 and 23, though Blizzard has yet to share more concrete details about the event. The company recently revealed the sequel to the team-based FPS, Overwatch 2, has been delayed further, with no release date.