Blizzard will answer Brigitte lore questions in an upcoming Q&A

Ask lead writer Michael Chu anything—about Brigitte.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is taking a unique approach to lore with its new Overwatch hero, Brigitte.

Lead Overwatch writer Michael Chu will answer fan questions in an “upcoming Q&A blog,” according to the official Overwatch Twitter account. Fans can submit questions on social media by using the hashtag #BrigitteLore.

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We know a little bit about Brigitte already—she’s an engineer like her father, Torbjörn, and a fighter like her godfather, Reinhardt. Her origin story gave us a few details about her life, but a lot is still unknown. The Q&A session likely isn’t a replacement for whatever animated shorts or comics Blizzard has planned for Brigitte, but it does offer players a chance to find out exactly what they want to know about Overwatch’s newest hero.

And there’s already a ton of questions piling up on Twitter. Did Brigitte hang with other Overwatch members growing up? Why does she like cats so much? What does her hair smell like? Why is she a brunette but both parents are blondes? How much can she lift? All important questions that we’ll hopefully get answers to.

Blizzard hasn’t mentioned exactly when this Q&A session will go live on the blog, but you’d better get your questions in sooner rather than later.