Boston Uprising, possibly other teams selling Overwatch League 2020 tickets without confirmed venue

Boston could be one of many teams who are hoping for the best.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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Every team in the Overwatch League is moving to their home city in 2020, and ticket sales begin for select cities on Aug. 28. While this is an expected decision for the teams who have chosen their home venues, others will begin selling tickets without having an announced venue.

The Boston Uprising are one of those teams. The team released a statement earlier today informing fans that they are still searching for a venue, or venues, to host 2020 home games. Despite that fact, they will be selling “limited release” tickets tomorrow. Other teams who have not yet announced venues may be joining them.

“Since OWL determined the schedule format at the end of May, we have been working closely with dozens of potential locations throughout the city of Boston with date availability,” the team said. The Boston Uprising will host two “homestand” events in 2020, on April 25 to 26 and June 27 to 28.

While the Uprising is so far the only team to make a statement of this kind, they likely won’t be alone when tickets go on sale tomorrow. As of publication, seven teams have not yet announced venues for their 2020 games. These teams include the Atlanta Reign, Boston Uprising, London Spitfire, Los Angeles Gladiators, Los Angeles Valiant, Seoul Dynasty, and Shanghai Dragons. The Houston Outlaws’ rumored venue is the Revention Music Center.

The listed teams could also announce venues as they unveil ticket sales or push their ticket sales to another date. Some teams, including the Dallas Fuel, have provided pre-sale opportunities before the anticipated league sale date. The Overwatch League also stated that Chinese and Korean venues will likely sell tickets at a later date.

Ticket sales for select Overwatch League 2020 season homestands begin tomorrow, Aug. 28.