Blizzard updates launch times for Overwatch’s role queue

The matchmaking system will join quick play on Sept. 3.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch’s new role queue feature joined the game’s live servers for its ongoing beta period just over two weeks ago. The matchmaking system was originally slotted for a Sept. 1 release across quick play, competitive, and select arcade modes, but Blizzard has since changed the launch times to ensure a seamless transition.

Role queue is now set to launch in competitive Aug. 31 at 7pm CT and is scheduled to go live for quick play and quick play classic on Sept. 3 at 1pm CT.

Overwatch’s new matchmaking system was initially scheduled for a Sept. 1 release for both quick play and competitive modes. With the three-day spacing between the releases, however, Blizzard can “ensure a smooth launch” for both modes, according to a post from Overwatch’s community manager Molly Fender today.  

Role queue hit live servers just over two weeks ago for the ongoing Role Queue Beta Season, which will end with the release of season 18 at the end of the month. Until then, players can continue trying the new matchmaking system out for themselves by joining a competitive match, but any competitive points earned won’t actually count towards a player’s permanent ranking.

When queuing up for a competitive match, players are given the option to their preferred role from the tank, DPS, and support options. Each of the three roles displays its own queue time and requires players to complete five placement matches before earning a positional rank.

Once season 18 goes live, players will be required to complete their placements before receiving their starting positional rank for the season. From there, competitive points will continue to hold weight and will count towards players’ ranked climbs.