Blizzard says Overwatch Role Queue Beta results will be used for next season

The next season is just under a week away.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Although some players believed that their Overwatch Role Queue Beta results wouldn’t matter when season 18 drops, game developer Scott Mercer says differently.

In a reply to a player’s question about whether the beta will have any effect on the upcoming season, Mercer said the beta results would not be “thrown out” and they will actually be used in matchmaking for season 18.

This may be bad news for the players who struggled to adapt to the role lock, but it would likely be much more difficult to play against similarly-skilled players otherwise. Had Blizzard not included the beta’s results at all, more players would likely be matched against players either too low or too high of skill.

But as one Reddit user pointed out, it’s not that bad of news for most, it’s just that the news didn’t come earlier. Blizzard had a lot of time to tell its playerbase exactly how the beta would affect them, but only now does it seem to be explicitly stated.

The 18th competitive season will begin on Sept. 1.