Blizzard disables Junkertown in quick and competitive play after an issue with match collapses

It won't be missed.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There’s one less map in Overwatch‘s map pool for the short term. Blizzard disabled Junkertown in both casual and ranked game modes today after the developers identified an issue that was disrupting gameplay, but the arena can still show up in custom games and Arcade modes.

Blizzard took Junkertown out of the map rotation following an issue that was causing “an uptick in collapsed matches,” according to a post by community manager Josh Nash. Collapsed matches can happen when a player leaves or is disconnected early in a match.

A small number of players reported that matches in Junkertown have had more disconnects than usual after the Winter Wonderland update hit the servers earlier this week. The numerous crashes may be related to Junkertown’s temporary removal from the map pool.

Junkertown isn’t the only source of bugs in Overwatch’s latest update, though. Earlier this week, Blizzard also disabled D.Va from play due to a bug that rendered the off-tank invincible. The issue prevented her from ejecting from her MEKA and entering “baby D.Va” form when her health was depleted—and let her continue to shoot and use her matrix despite having no HP left.

The two disruptive issues arose after the Winter Wonderland patch hit the live servers on Dec. 15. Junkertown and D.Va will both sit on the sidelines until Blizzard rolls out a fix for their respective issues. In the meantime, players can take in the Christmas spirit with the Winter Wonderland, Overwatch‘s annual holiday-themed event.