Blizzard confirms Echo is Overwatch’s next hero

A series of mysterious teasers pointed towards the omnic's addition to the game.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Echo is finally coming to Overwatch. Blizzard announced today that the character will be the next addition to the roster and revealed her Origin Story video.

Echo’s announcement defines her as “an evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence.” The Origin Story briefly recounts the demise of Overwatch founder Dr. Mina Liao, who was seemingly killed in a fatal explosion. She played a vital role in creating the omnics before their uprising but left Echo as her legacy.

Fans believed that Echo would be Overwatch’s Hero 32 following a series of cryptic teasers this week. The latest hint showed a picture of Echo’s container in a clear reference to her.

Fans first saw Echo as part of the “Reunion” short in 2018. The video shows McCree battling for cargo with the Deadlock Gang, led by Ashe. After outgunning his opponents, the cowboy managed to get his hands on the container. Opening it revealed a slumbering Echo, who quickly woke up. McCree says he can’t join the new Overwatch, but that the team will need Echo’s help. “They want me, but they need you,” he said.

Echo was also featured in Overwatch 2’s announcement cinematic, “Zero Hour.” Players can see her flying around the battlefield and shooting explosive projectiles. It’s unclear how much of the skills in the trailer will translate to her character’s in-game skills, but Overwatch’s cinematics are usually faithful to established kits.

Fans believed that Echo would be Overwatch’s Hero 32 after a series of cryptic teasers. The first hint was a journal entry by Echo’s creator, Dr. Mina Liao, which revealed she was working on a “new project.” The second clue was a mysterious audio clip that ended with a blast and returned in Echo’s Origin Story video. The final teaser was a picture of Echo’s container as seen in the “Reunion” short.

Echo should be making her way to the Public Test Region (PTR) soon. One of the teasers is dated March 23, which is a possible date for her debut. Echo’s official announcement, however, means that she’s close to launching.