Ashe can deal damage via 2 guns, dynamite, and her sidekick, B.O.B.

Ashe's abilities appear to pack a major punch.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The newest Overwatch hero, Ashe, will bring a unique skillset to the battlefield when she officially makes her way into the game.

Blizzard announced Ashe will be the next Overwatch hero at BlizzCon on Friday, making her the first hero since the reveal of Wrecking Ball, who was released in July.

Ashe, who dons a large cowboy hat and wields a larger gun, is a DPS hero. And as expected, it appears from her officially-announced abilities that she will inflict a lot of damage in Overwatch.

With The Viper, a semi-automatic rifle, Ashe can fire off quick shots to take down an enemy’s health. And when aiming down the sight, Ashe can deal even more damage with a more precise shot. Ashe also has the Coach Gun, which knocks back both Ashe and her enemies when the shot connects.

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Dynamite is another ability that will allow Ashe to throw an explosive at her enemies. The explosive will detonate after a short delay if left alone, but it can be detonated immediately if shot. When it detonates, it lights enemies on fire and deals damage over a period of time.

Finally, Ashe has the ability to call in her sidekick, B.O.B. And B.O.B. is quite a large creature. When Ashe summons him, he can charge forward, knock enemies into the air, and provide suppressing fire with his arm cannons. The idea of a hero call-in is new to Overwatch, so B.O.B. will truly be one of a kind.

More Overwatch announcements are expected during the rest of BlizzCon this weekend.