Artist creates Magneto skin for Sigma

Overwatch's newest hero undergoes a comic concept upgrade.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

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Once Sigma realizes he can bend metal with gravity, he might put this outfit in his wardrobe. Overwatch fan and artist Xtreeme_ghost gave the game’s newest hero a Marvel Comics makeover. Sigma was introduced to Overwatch last week and is currently playable on the Public Test Realm (PTR).

On Reddit, the artist posted their rendering of Sigma as the superhero Magneto from the X-Men Universe. It’s a genius comparison considering the similarities between the two. Both Sigma and Magneto float in the air in an ethereal way and use a natural substance, gravity and metal respectively, to defeat their enemies. They have eclectic choices in music and come from Eastern Europe; Sigma hails from the Netherlands and Magneto is from Germany.

Xtreeme_ghost went for an old-school comic outfit of Magneto’s, with bright red spandex and a flowing purple cape. While Sigma is currently available for play on the PTR, none of his skins beyond the default blue armor have been revealed. We’re not saying this would be a good idea for the Overwatch design team to pick up, but the concept is sitting right here.

The artist has created Marvel and Overwatch collaborations for dozens of other heroes, which can be found in a gallery on Imgur. The concepts include D.Va as Iron Man, Doomfist as Thanos, and Mercy as Jean Grey.

Sigma is only playable on the PTR. He’s expected to be playable on live Overwatch servers in mid-August. Game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed Sigma will be live in competitive mode when season 18, the first competitive season with role queue, begins on Sept. 1.