Another ‘screwy’ POTG with no damage has Overwatch 2 players up in arms over feature 

Another feature in dire need of a fix.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch 2 tank died pulling off the impossible in a game of Push on Esperança by landing a Play of the Game that’ll be remembered till the end of time.

The Reinhardt in question geared up to pull off a one-on-five to reclaim the TW-1 and push his team to victory, but was obliterated by every bit of utility the opponents threw at him. What’s worse was the enemy Bastion scored four impactful eliminations but failed to get their five minutes of fame, as seen in the OW2 clip.

The POTG had zero damage from the Reinhardt but still managed to amaze the Overwatch 2 community for all the wrong reasons, and even Rein’s shield couldn’t protect Blizzard from the critiques gamers on Reddit dished out after seeing the POTG.

While the community originally thought the hilarious OW2 Play of the Game was miraculous, it turns out they were more concerned than excited.

After seeing the clip, players called claimed this was proof that shows how “screwy” the POTG system really is, and it’s leaving players fuming. It seems in a lot of cases the POTG goes to the undeserving teammate or opponent. Many plays aren’t “fun to watch” and this broken system doesn’t reward Overwatch players who’ve put the work in to get the best moment in the game.

While Reindhardt’s “wicked cartwheel” was impressive, the Bastion that got “fucked over” had a much more memorable moment gamers will never witness.

Players claimed the POTG replay system is more broken than usual this season too, and it seems this clip might make this theory more convincing.

While season four has brought in a series of massive changes, there have been reports of glitches plaguing matchmaking Overwatch games. Recently, Kiriko’s “Swift Step” glitch makes the support hero an unreliable pick, as her teleporting ability breaks unpredictably, leaving supports in hot water and teammates low on health.

Hopefully, the POTG feature can be put under the microscope. It seems the Overwatch feature has been an issue for quite some time, and players have had enough.

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