Ana biotic grenade nerfs will be reverted on Overwatch’s PTR

Two new Sombra and Zenyatta changes have been pushed out, too.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

A couple days ago on March 7, Blizzard pushed an Overwatch patch live that reduced the impact damage and healing of Ana’s biotic grenade. Today, it’s reverting those changes.

Blizzard is reverting those adjustments in the patch that’ll go live today, bringing the impact damage of Ana’s grenade back up to 60. The healing impact will be increased from 50 to 100. Ana’s biotic rifle, however, will stay with a reduced damage of 60—down from 80.

A buff to Zenyatta, which briefly allowed him to shoot his discord orb through barriers, will also be reverted when the PTR patch is live.

These changes were preceded by two other adjustments to Sombra and Zenyatta. Sombra’s hacked health packs can now be seen through walls for her allies. Paired with the other Sombra buffs Blizzard rolled out earlier in the week, the stealth hero becomes more viable. Sombra’s hacked health packs refresh quicker than non-hacked health packs, so her allies being able to see them through walls is a major buff.

Zenyatta’s weapon spread has been removed for his orb of destruction ability, which makes the healer’s shots more accurate overall. Removing weapon spread from Zenyatta’s destruction orbs impacts both his primary and secondary fire.

Gif via Reddit
Gif via Reddit

PC Overwatch players should see all these changes on the PTR today.

Gifs via Reddit