An Overwatch bug let heroes teleport into cars—but Blizzard just fixed it

The bug was fixed with the D.Va Nano-Cola update.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch heroes have been getting locked in cars. Let us guess, it was Genji that lost the keys.

Today’s Overwatch’s patch notes state the game once had a bug that “allowed Symmetra to teleport players into certain vehicles on King’s Row and Numbani.” Why didn’t anyone tell us about this? Among the vehicles players were able to teleport into was the King’s Row double-decker bus. A video on YouTube shows players how to do it, with the warning that Blizzard will ban players that use it—likely because they are able to shoot through the wall, but can’t get hit.

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Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

The inside of the bus is actually pretty spacious, with all the rows you’d expect in a public transit vehicle. But because it’s not a space players are supposed to go, Blizzard hasn’t fully rendered the textures inside. There’s also a tiny steering wheel, but no seat for a driver. We’re guessing there’s no need for drivers in the future.

A whole team could teleport inside the bus, theoretically. But of course, that whole team would be banned for exploiting an Overwatch bug. (In August 2017, Blizzard suspended San Francisco Shock Overwatch League player for trying out a Sombra exploit.) Another vehicle players could teleport into before the glitch was patched out is the orange and white van on Dorado, right before the second capture point.  Like on King’s Row, players were able to get into the map’s public bus.

Alongside the fix that nixed joyrides, Blizzard also uploaded the aforementioned D.Va’s Nano-Cola Challenge, which allows Overwatch players to unlock an epic-rated D.Va skin by winning nine matches. In the lead-up to the skin, players are awarded with a series of D.Va sprays, too.