Pro Overwatch player suspended for streaming Sombra exploit

His punishment will only last a week or so, however.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Professional Overwatch player Dante “Danteh” Cruz of Arc6 was caught using a Sombra exploit in-game—and now he’s been suspended for it.

Well, caught might be the wrong word: Danteh knowingly streamed the exploit on his Twitch channel on Aug. 2, where he reportedly mentioned on stream that Blizzard would never ban him for it. He wasn’t banned, but suspended until Aug. 10, according to an image posted to Twitter by Danteh.

The exploit has Sombra able to send her Translocator shooting through a certain portion of a wall on Temple of Anubis, allowing her to teleport back to a spawn area—and out of reach of opponents. Danteh shows off the move a couple times in the short Twitch clip. (A full VOD of the stream in question is not available.)

Danteh will still be able to play Overwatch, as only his alternative account was suspended. He’s likely learned his lesson, however: Blizzard is watching high-profile players.

Selfless Gaming DPS Daniel “Dafran” Francesca was punished for similar—though more extreme—behavior in June. Blizzard found Dafran in violation of its Overwatch Contenders rules for throwing games and overlaying Overwatch with inappropriate video. His actions on stream were considered unsportsmanlike.

Though Arc6 failed to qualify for Overwatch Contenders season one, they’ll want to stay in good standing with Blizzard, especially as the Overwatch League approaches.